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Full Shine
Full Shine Brand Starts from an international love. Ms. Shelly is an American girl who loves traveling, sporting and hair caring. She starts wearing hair extensions when she was 18 years old.
One Year Later they got married and had a great wedding in China. Two Months later, Shelly was pregnant. Everything seemed wonderful, but when it came to the 20th week of the pregnant, Shelly Started loosing hair, and she became anxious. Mr. Fu wanted to do something to help his wife. So he decided to make a beautiful, natural look and healthy hair extensions for his beloved wife. He came to Juan Cheng, Shandong Province which is famous for human hair extensions. He learned how to pick up the hair material and how to make extensions here. Finally, he made the beautiful balayage dyed hair extensions which blend perfect with his wife's hair.
In Year 2010, their daughter came to the world. They hoped that their lovely daughter could have beautiful hair and shiny life. They named her Shiny Fu. At the same time, the couple decided to start the hair extensions business so that Shelly could care for her baby and work on the things she loves. And they named the brand as'Full Shine' to remember the birth of their daughter.
Now Mr. Fu is mainly in charge of the production of the extensions, he picks up the hair material just like what he did for her wife. And he keeps eyes on every process of the production. Mrs. Shelly knows well about the hair extensions market, so she mainly works on marketing to get the newest trend of hair color.
Full Shine insists the great customer service and 100% real human hair guarantee. Full Shine believes that every woman, no matter who you are, no matter how old you are, no matter where you are, deserves the beautiful hair, forever confidence, and sweet love.